29.06.2012 - Services Cup Winner

A great recognition for the FBK-SOA research unit, headed by Marco Pistore, that in June won both the "Services Cup" at the IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), held at Honolulu (Hawaii - USA).

The conference, that gathers field experts coming from all over the world, is a part of the World Conference on Services ("Services 2012") of the 2012 IEEE, promoted by the IEEE Technical Committee -  Computer Society on Computing Services (TC-SVC) to explore the topic of IT services. The ICWS is an international forum and offers researchers and operators in this sector an opportunity to exchange the latest developments, identify emerging research lines and define the future of Web-based services.


The demo: "ASTRO-CAptEvo: Dynamic Context-aware Adaptation for Service-based Systems(authors: Heorhi Raik, Antonio Bucchiarone, Nawaz Khurshid, Annapaola Marconi and Marco Pistore) that the jury, after a hard evaluation process, selected as the winner for the "Service Cup", the competition devoted to "service-based"  tools able to solve real problems.


The IEEE 2012 Service Cup is the seventh episode of the series of contest. The contest focuses on using the SOA methodologies, reference architectures, and tools to solve real world problems.

Evaluation procedure: All submissions include a technical paper and an online demonstration, and were subject to academic peer review. In the first selection, the papers and the demonstration systems have been evaluated by the Program Committee. Five teams passed the first selection and have been invited to the venue of 2012 IEEE World Congress on Services for final competition. The final competition included a session of presentation and a session of demonstration. The on-site evaluation committee was composed by the PC members and professional attendants of SERVICES 2012.