20.12.2012 - SOA Seminar by Claudio Bartolini - HP Labs Palo Alto, CA, USA

Turning an enterprise social network into a productivity platform: the experience at HP

SPEAKERClaudio Bartolini - HP Labs Palo Alto, CA, USA

ShortBio: Claudio Bartolini (http://www.linkedin.com/in/claudiobartolini) is a research manager and principal investigator with the Solutions and Services Research lab of HP Labs Palo Alto, CA, USA. He leads a group of researchers in Palo Alto and Bristol, UK, researching on enterprise collaboration and knowledge management solutions. His current research interests include conversation-oriented business processes, crowdsourcing, enterprise gamification, idea management, open innovation among others.


As for many large enterprises, HP's 300,000 employees have recently been interacting more and more over social networks. That interaction takes place over external social networks, such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, but also on enterprise social networks, such as Jive, and a home grown social network, called Watercooler. The kind of interaction that we have observed in Watercooler has had interesting aspects at the intersection of social and business. For example, employees have used Watercooler for sharing their skills, what they were working on, asking work-related questions and other such activities. That suggested to us that we evolve Watercooler into a productivity platform. Watercooler was born as the facebook of HP. I will report on our experience in turning it into the facebook apps platform of HP: a platform for quick and useful development of enterprise applications. Aspects that I will concentrate on is how we have used create apps for: flexible, ad-hoc, collaborative business processes; and crowdsourced idea management.

SCHEDULE: December 20 2012, 9.00 am, Sala Grande Palazzina C, Via alla Cascata 56/C