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PhD Students

The Service Oriented Applications (SOA) Research Group (http://soa.fbk.eu), part of the Center for Information Technology (IRST) of the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy (http://cit.fbk.eu/), is seeking prospective PhD students interested in undertaking their PhD research in the following area:

Internet of Services
Internet of Service (IoS) is a novel and promising research area that is gaining more and more interest among the research community and whose enormous potential has been clearly recognized by the industry. The main challenge of IoS is to give to billions of interested users a transparent, seamless, and trustworthy access to the millions of services available on the Web and on mobile phones. This problem cannot be handled by simply extending existing serviced-oriented approaches, since it requires a paradigm shift from software services to real world services, from application-centered services to user-centered services, from Intranet to Internet.

The specific research area for this call is the investigation of novel approaches to service composition, with the aim to provide methodologies and techniques for the development of large-scale systems, where a large number of participant services need to be composed and customized at runtime for a specific situation and user’s need.

The research activities will take place at FBK-SOA (http://soa.fbk.eu/), the Service Oriented Applications research group within Fondazione Bruno Kessler.
Selected candidates, if not already enrolled in a PhD Program, will be invited to apply for PhD position at a national PhD School.

How to apply
Interested candidates should apply by sending email to <bucchiarone[at]fbk[dot]eu> with a Curriculum Vitae, and three reference persons. PDF format is strongly encouraged. 

Emails should have SOA/phd as subject.

 PhD Call