ASTRO-CAptEvo is a comprehensive framework for defining highly adaptable service-based systems (SBSs) and supporting their context-aware execution.


The monitorRuntime is the latest evolution of the ASTRO monitoring runtime engine for monitoring Web services using the RTML language.


WSAdapt is a service adaptation tool that extends the ASTRO synTools by integrating the results achieved in the ALLOW Project, where service composition is used for context-aware service adaptation.


The wsToolset is the latest release of the ASTRO toolset that addresses the Web service composition task using the 'datanet' technique.


The ASTRO Suite is a collection of stand-alone applications, ActiveBPEL extensions, Eclipse plugins and case studies that are used to demonstrate the results of the research conducted within the ASTRO project.


Graphical console to perform and control the composition, verification and monitoring tasks for Web Services.


Simulates the execution of business processes.


Supports the graphical editing of the requirements definition file for the composition, verification and monitoring tasks.

Monitoring Framework

Evolution of the ASTRO monitoring runtime engine for the SLA's monitoring within the SLA@SOI framework.


A set of tools about the management of BPEL services to be used particularly in conjunction with the SLA@SOI framework but also as independent modules.

Adaptable Pervasive Flow

Demonstrator that shows how adaptable pervasive flows are executed, adapted and distributed in the logistics domain. We have created a visualization environment which will enable users to interact with the ALLOW framework.

Overall Adaptation Process

Demonstrator that shows the overall adaptation manager component developed in the ALLOW framework when the coordinations between adaptation needs, coming from different aspects (i.e., flow structure, flow distribution, flow security) , is needed.

Adaptation and Evolution

The aim of this demonstrator is to show all these adaptation mechanisms and tools at work within a real word scenario. The demonstrator has been developed incrementally during the ALLOW project as a joint work of different partners, and at the end of the project it has been a witness of the ALLOW scientific results on context-aware flow adaptation and evolution.